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Individual Therapy, Skills Training Classes, & Coaching 

Assessment/ Orientation​/ Sessions

When you start therapy at Centered Ground, you will complete a screening process to determine the services that would be the best fit for your needs.  The screening is a combination of structured and informal questions to help me learn your story and also determine appropriate diagnoses.  Diagnoses can help you better understand your current concerns and what can help, since treatments vary depending on diagnosis.  The label is less important than the function of your behavioral pattern, which we will also work on determining.  The screening process typically takes 2 sessions.


After completing the screening process we will discuss the treatment recommendation and go through your questions and thoughts about the treatment proposed.  This step is referred to as orientation.  The length of the orientation process varies depending on how ready you are to begin changing within the format that is being recommended.  When you are ready to commit to the therapy, we will begin further sessions as outlined in orientation.


Sessions will typically focus on current patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior, with an appreciation for your history and consideration of the future you would like to have.  You will also usually be given homework to help you continue moving forward outside of the therapy room, and coaching calls may be available, depending on your treatment package, to help provide you support when you need it most--when you are in your life and triggers, urges, emotions, and challenging situations arise.  If coaching calls are recommended for you, we will discuss further details on how coaching calls work during orientation.

Individual therapy

Skills training classes

Coaching, including text & calls

Seminars & Workshops



I strive to create a safe space in therapy for you to work through your suffering and let it go.  I admire my clients for their strength in facing their emotion and honoring it, choosing to create new ways of being and moving forward even when it feels impossible.  I am grateful that my clients trust me to provide them support and guidance in their journeys.  I look forward to doing so with you, as well, if you choose to seek services at Centered Ground.

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